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Getting Started


The Components

Url is end of life. We strongly encourage you to use League\Uri instead.


Parse and modify a URL

A simple example to show you how to manipulate a URL and its component:


use League\Url\Url;

$url = Url::createFromUrl(

//let's update the Query String
$query = $url->getQuery();
$query->modify(array('query' => "lulu l'allumeuse", "foo" => "bar"));
$query['sarah'] = "o connors"; //adding a new parameter

$url->setScheme('ftp'); //change the URLs scheme
$url->setFragment(null); //remove the fragment
$url->getPath()->remove('path/index.php'); //remove part of the path
$url->getPath()->prepend('mongo db'); //prepend the path
echo $url, PHP_EOL;
// output

Using an Immutable URL to implement Pagination

A simple example to show you how to implement pagination while retaining the original URI:


use League\Url\UrlImmutable;

//create a URL from the current page
$url = UrlImmutable::createFromServer($_SERVER);
// array to hold the generated URLs
$paginations = array();
//get the current path
$query = $url->getQuery();
foreach (range(1, 5) as $index) {
    $query['page'] = $index;
    //we generate the new Url based on the original $url_immutable object
    $paginations[] = $url->setQuery($query);

//$paginations now contains 5 new League\Url\UrlImmutable objects
//but $url has not changed
foreach ($paginations as $uri) {
    $res = $uri instanceof 'League\Url\UrlImmutable'; // $res is true
	$url->sameValueAs($uri); // return false

Learn more about how this all works in the Overview.