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The Components

Url is end of life. We strongly encourage you to use League\Uri instead.

The Path class

This class is a segment values component class and manage the URL path component. It also implements the League\Url\Components\PathInterface.

The League\Url\Components\PathInterface interface adds the following method:

PathInterface::getRelativePath(PathInterface $path)

added in version 3.2

Returns a string representation of the relative path from the current object relative to the $path given.

Example using the League\Url\Components\Path object:


use League\Url\Components\Path;

$path = new Path;
$path[] = 'bar';
$path[] = 'troll';
foreach ($path as $offset => $value) {
	echo "$offset => $value".PHP_EOL;
//will echo
// 0 => bar
// 1 => troll

$path->append('leheros/troll', 'bar');

$found = $path->keys('troll');
//$found equals array(0 => '2');

echo count($path); //will return 4;
echo $path; //will display bar/leheros/troll/troll
//will display
// array(
//    0 => 'bar',
//    1 => 'toto',
//    2 => 'troll',
//    3 => 'troll'
// )

$nb_occurences = count($path->keys('troll'));
//if $nb_occurences is higher than 1,
//you must specify the $whence index
//if you do not insert you data around the first occurence
//the $whence_index start at 0
$path->prepend('bar', 'troll', 1);
echo $path->get(); //will display "bar/leheros/troll/bar/troll"
echo $path->getUriComponent(); //will display "/bar/leheros/troll"