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The Components

Url is end of life. We strongly encourage you to use League\Uri instead.

URL components

An URL string is composed of up to 8 components. The League\Url library provides interfaces and classes to interact with each URL component. The classes can all be use independently of a League\Url\UrlInterface implementing class.

Component Interface

Each component class implements the League\Url\Components\ComponentInterface with the following public methods:


Sets the component value.

The $data argument can be:


Returns null if the class data is empty or its string representation


Returns a typecast string representation of the component.


Returns an altered string representation to ease URL representation.

ComponentInterface::sameValueAs(ComponentInterface $component)

Added in version 3.2

Return true if both components string representation values are equals.

Single Value Components

The URL components classes which represent single values only:

These classes are:

Example using the League\Url\Components\Scheme class:


use League\Url\Components\Scheme;

$scheme = new Scheme;
$scheme->get(); //will return null since no scheme was set
echo $scheme; // will echo '' an empty string
echo $scheme->getUriComponent(); //will echo '//'
echo $scheme->__toString(); //will echo 'https'
echo $scheme->getUriComponent(); //will echo 'https://'

Multiple Values Components

In addition to the League\Url\Components\ComponentInterface, classes that deal with multiple values components implement the following interfaces:

The League\Url\Components\ComponentArrayInterface adds the following methods:


Returns an array representation of the component;


Returns all the keys or a subset of the keys of an array if a value is given.

Of note: The $data argument for the set method can also be an array or a Traversable object.

The URL components classes implementing these interfaces are:

Segment Values Components

League\Url\Components\Path and League\Url\Components\Host also implement the League\Url\Components\SegmentInterface interface which adds the following methods:

The $data argument used in all described method below can be null, a valid component string, a object implementing the __toString method, an array or a Traversable object;

SegmentInterface::append($data, $whence = null, $whence_index = null)

Appends data into the component.

SegmentInterface::prepend($data, $whence = null, $whence_index = null)

Prepends data into the component;

Tips: You can easily get the $whence_index by using the object keys($whence) method result.


Removes data from the component. If the pattern is present multiple times only the first match found is removed.